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(Listen) “U Drive U Text U Pay” campaign underway. Be safe!

Please listen to and share my interview with Brad Davis of The Talk of Connecticut.

We discussed how police departments across Connecticut are working to combat distracted driving with their annual “U Drive U Text U Pay” campaign.

First time offenders will be ticketed $150, while repeat offenders could pay up to $500 or even $1,000 if they violate the law in a work zone.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says distracted driving claims the lives of more than 3,400 people each year.

And the crackdown isn’t just for phone-related offenses.

Putting on makeup, eating or even fiddling with the radio could all be grounds for a traffic stop.

Spread the word and be safe out there!

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(Listen) Fairfield Little League Rocks!

(Listen) Fairfield Little League Rocks!

Listen to my interview with Mike Bellamy of WICC AM 600 where I discuss the incredible accomplishments of the Fairfield Little League Girls Softball team.

What a tremendous effort in the Little League East Regional… falling just short of playing in the World Series. Thank you for inspiring so many young girls to work toward achieving success and goals!

I also discuss how the Fairfield American Little League Baseball team captured its 3rd straight CT State Title… and the team now goes to the New England Region with a chance to win regional and go to the World Series.

Congratulations to all players, coaches and their families on this great tradition of success!


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Sen. Hwang Speaks to Upward Bound Program at Fairfield University


Sen. Tony Hwang (center) stands with students from Fairfield University’s Upward Bound program.

Sen. Hwang Speaks to Upward Bound Program at Fairfield University

Sen. Tony Hwang on July 17 visited with students from Fairfield University’s Upward Bound program.

The federally funded program provides low income, potential first-generation college students with the tools necessary to access postsecondary education as full participants.

“As someone who personally participated in the Upward Bound as a teen, I know this program’s value,” Sen. Hwang said.  “The program helps improve academic performance, motivation levels, and self-confidence of students so that they reach their ultimate goal of achieving a college degree.  I commend Fairfield University on being a leader in supporting students as they push beyond barriers to college access.  This visit was inspiring.  I appreciate the opportunity to talk with the students and to urge them to keep working hard in pursuit of their goals.”

Rony Delva, Executive Director for the Fairfield University Upward Bound Program, added, “Our students and staff were delighted to welcome Senator Tony Hwang, a long-time supporter and friend of the Upward Bound Program at Fairfield University. Tony’s words of encouragement and positive message resonated well with our students.  As a former Upward Bound student, Tony understands our mission, which is to prepare college bound students for a brighter future.”

All Upward Bound activities and services are provided at no cost to the students and their families.

*Sen. Hwang represents Connecticut’s 28th Senatorial District which includes Fairfield, Easton, Weston, Westport, Newtown and Sandy Hook.  He can be reached at 800-842-1421 and at On the web:


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(Watch) “Arrogant”


That’s how I described outgoing Gov. Dan Malloy’s attempt to put $10 million on the state taxpayers’ credit card to study the issue of tolls in Connecticut.

Watch the News 12 story here:

You can help me defeat the governor’s arrogant proposal.


Contact members of the State Bond Commission today.

Urge them to “Vote NO on the Tolls Study!”

Contact information for members is listed below.

Let them hear you!

The vote takes place on Wednesday, so keep calling and emailing them!

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Have You Heard About Malloy’s ‘Parting Gift’ for CT Taxpayers?

Did you hear the news?

Outgoing Gov. Dan Malloy has decided that after 7 ½ years in office, he wants to put $10 million on the state taxpayers’ credit card to study the issue of tolls in Connecticut.

Think about that.

As Gov. Malloy is leaving the job…he wants to borrow $10 million of YOUR money…to study tolls!

Tolls on I-95, I-91, I-84, the Wilbur Cross Parkway, the Merritt Parkway, and more.

The state Bond Commission is expected to vote on the $10 million allocation on July 25.

I need your help in defeating this terrible idea!

  • Please email me today at
  • In the subject line, put “Vote NO on the Tolls Study!”
  • Include your name and town.

I will forward your comments to the members of the state Bonding Commission before the vote takes place.

Let them hear you!

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FuelCell Energy to Create Over 100 New Highly Skilled Manufacturing Jobs

CT-based FuelCell Energy to Create Over 100 New Highly Skilled Manufacturing Jobs

“FuelCell Energy’s recent project awards from DEEP in collaboration with bipartisan legislative approval is synergistic in CT’s commitment to alternative and renewable energy sources that the state was seeking to cultivate when they invested in the company years ago,” said Senator Tony Hwang, Vice Chairman of Energy and Technology Committee. “FuelCell Energy and their supply chain vendors are CT-based businesses that benefit the state by providing clean energy, high-tech manufacturing jobs that are crucial to CT’s economy. FuelCell technology will be an integral part of meeting our alternative and renewable energy goals while lowering consumer energy costs. Connecticut is the world leading innovators of fuel cell technology because of FuelCell Energy.”

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“Does anyone in Connecticut believe that?”

(Please read and share this editorial from the Waterbury Republican-American then send me your comments at For the record,I voted to override Gov. Malloy’s vetoes.)

 No overrides; no confidence

(Waterbury Republican-American Editorial)

Many in Connecticut entertain the notion that representatives and senators ponder the messages they receive from their constituents, balance those messages against their own lights and political reality, and draft legislation accordingly.

That notion got blasted to smithereens Monday, when lawmakers were unable to muster veto overrides for any of the measures they had passed overwhelmingly just a few months ago.

In all, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy vetoed seven bills during and after the legislative session that ended May 9.

Among them were a bill intended to help teachers maintain order in their classrooms; protect taxpayers statewide from subsidizing Hartford’s irresponsible spending practices; establish a council to oversee the state’s long-troubled Department of Children and Families; ensure that the flow of education cost-sharing grants from the state is reliable and predictable; and expand the availability of apprenticeship tax credits for businesses.

Not to worry, insisted Senate President Pro Tempore Martin M. Looney, D-New Haven.

The legislature upheld the vetoes in response to the “compelling arguments” contained in Gov. Malloy’s veto messages, and the issues addressed by the vetoed bills will be taken up in future legislative sessions.

Let’s back up.

Our wise, all-knowing governor pointed out legal or practical defects in every one of these bills that did not occur to a single one of the 36 senators and 151 House members who were involved with the drafting, debating and voting that took place during the legislative session?

Does anyone in Connecticut, inside or outside of government, believe that?

This legislation was crafted by legislators on both sides of the aisle coming together to do what was in the best interest of Connecticut residents and taxpayers,” Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Leonard A. Fasano, of North Haven, said days before the failed veto-override attempts.

House Minority Leader Themis Klarides, R-Derby, accused legislative Democrats of playing politics with important legislation.

“The Democrats had a chance to make our classrooms and schools safer, limit the Hartford bailout, and help manufacturers,” she said Tuesday.

“Each time, they opted for politics over public policy, and it is unfortunate.”

Gov. Malloy neither gains nor loses from the veto-override debacle; he’s a deeply unpopular lame duck office-holder.

But legislative Democrats may pay a high price because there is no way to clear the air of the political stench their actions produced.

If one buys Sen. Looney’s point about the power of Gov. Malloy’s veto messages, the inevitable conclusion is that the Democratic Party – with a majority in the House and the tie-breaking vote of Democratic Lt. Gov. Nancy S. Wyman in the evenly divided Senate – is insufficiently competent to discern the deficiencies Gov. Malloy cited.

And did it not occur to Sen. Looney, House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, D-Berlin, or anyone else to ask the governor his opinion of controversial bills the legislature was considering?


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Sen. Hwang Condemns New Trump Border Policy


Sen. Hwang Condemns New Trump Border Policy;

Urges Congress to “Solve the Problem” and “Lead”

Sen. Tony Hwang on Wednesday issued the following statement regarding the Trump administration’s policy that has resulted in migrant children being separated from their parents at the border.

“Yes, illegal immigration is against the law, but the new enforcement policy is inhumane, it is cruel, and it must end. We can all agree that innocent children must be protected.  We can all agree that Congress needs to step up immediately and do its job.  Congress: Please do what you were elected to do.  Work in a collaborative basis.  Solve the problem in a thoughtful, comprehensive, compassionate way.  You are our leaders. No more delays.  No more posturing.  Get to work. As former First Lady Laura Bush recently wrote, ‘Can we not as a nation find a kinder, more compassionate and more moral answer to this current crisis?’  I firmly believe the answer to Laura Bush’s question is ‘yes’.  Now is the time for our leaders in Washington, DC to lead.”

Sen. Hwang, an immigrant whose parents escaped Communist China as teens and lived under martial law in Taiwan, has been a consistent and outspoken critic of President Trump’s past documented insults of women, racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants and the disabled.  Sen. Hwang has repeatedly stated that the President’s comments and policies can be used to start a public conversation on diversity, tolerance and kindness.

*Sen. Hwang represents Connecticut’s 28th Senatorial District which includes Fairfield, Easton, Weston, Westport, Newtown and Sandy Hook.  He can be reached at 800-842-1421 and at On the web:

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