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Tony Hwang walks, talks… and listens, to consituents in re-election bid for 134th District

Tony Hwang pops open the tailgate of his SUV, adorned with a campaign poster, which in effect, has become the 134th District state representative’s rolling headquarters, pulling out brochures, business cards and tucking those in a bag that he flings over his shoulder. Hwang is ready to tackle the streets of his district, to head out door-to-door, as he does almost every day.

Hwang, a Fairfield Republican, is running for re-election in the 134th District, made up of parts of Fairfield and Trumbull, against a Democrat (opponent), who lives in Trumbull and has a Fairfield business. Hwang won the seat in 2008 from one-term Democrat Tom Christiano. Continue Reading

Tony Hwang, “The Right Person” for 134th District State Representative

Alive with noticeable buzz and energy, numerous supporters rallied behind State Representative Tony Hwang (134th District, Fairfield-Trumbull) as he officially announced his run for re-election for a second term in the November 2010 election, on Monday, at Colony Grill, located in Fairfield. The campaign launch rally was a large crowd in a packed house, numbering… Continue Reading