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Hwang Has A Real Plan To Get The Metro North Rail Service Back On Track

Tired of empty promises about Metro-North? So is Tony Hwang! “Hwang has fought efforts to raid the Special Transportation Fund and supported increased spending to keep our trains safe and on time. It is without hesitation that I endorse Tony Hwang for the State Senate and I encourage commuters to support his candidacy, too.” – Jim Cameron,…
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Hwang on Fiscal Accountability & Social Responsibility

We can maintain a balance between fiscal accountability and social responsibility. Government has a moral responsibility to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk in our communities are protected and guided to self-empowerment. Commitment to Community Historic Autism Insurance Coverage (PA 13-84) Championed bipartisan legislation ensuring individuals with autism, who are currently covered by 2008 insurance legislation,…
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Seniors, are you worried about your future in Connecticut?

So is Tony Hwang! CT is an expensive place to live and retire. High taxes, particularly property taxes, and high energy costs are a heavy burden on those living on a fixed income. Increasingly, people who have lived and loved CT their whole lives are forced to move to less expensive states. Connecticut has the…
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