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Hwang on Taxes & Affordability

Despite one of the worst economic conditions in generations, the Legislature’s majority passed the largest increase in taxes & fees in CT’s history, which equaled over $2 billion dollars to our residents. The budget directly increased taxes on middle class families. CT’s rate of spending and borrowing is unacceptable. Reduce Government Spending and Ease the…
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Tired of the onslaught of tax increases and out-of-control state spending?

So is Tony Hwang! Tony is committed to lower taxes and a more efficient state government. What's Holding CT Back: 5th worse state in which to do business (CNBC) $2.8 billion deficit (OFA) High energy and gas prices Worst state for retirement ( Job recovery trails nation and region TONY: Has opposed – and will…
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Seniors, are you worried about your future in Connecticut?

So is Tony Hwang! CT is an expensive place to live and retire. High taxes, particularly property taxes, and high energy costs are a heavy burden on those living on a fixed income. Increasingly, people who have lived and loved CT their whole lives are forced to move to less expensive states. Connecticut has the…
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