Letter to the Editor: Al Diguido

To the Editor:

I do not routinely write letters to the editor of newspapers, but I have grown incredibly tired of the rhetoric and rancor in politics. It is evident that politicians spend more time catering to their individual agendas rather than being true representatives, serving the needs of the often touted “American People.”

I have been watching, with increasing disdain, the horrendous demise of our great state. What Connecticut once was compared to what it is now is absolutely horrendous. Residents are leaving. Businesses are leaving. Mom & Pop stores are closing. We are the laughing stock of the country thanks to our “representatives” who seem to be more concerned with their “Washington persona” than getting stuff done here. I’ve watched it, I live it, and like many of my friends and business colleagues, I am tired of it and not interested in listening to any more bologna.

Amidst all of the negative partisanship, there is one person that stands above all of it. One person who works full time truly representing the people of his district. One person who is one of us, who is real, who understands the needs of small businesses, who isn’t afraid to listen to all voices and take the action required to get things done. That person is Tony Hwang. Being a family man himself, Tony truly understands the plight of families in Connecticut. He is a force for lower taxes and reduction of state regulations, an advocate to eliminate wasteful spending, and a champion for improvement in our transportation systems and quality education.

Tony Hwang is no nonsense, doesn’t hesitate to roll up his sleeves and get things done. He is driven by the insatiable passion to change things for the better. I, with my friends and colleagues, will vote for Tony Hwang.

Al Diguido

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