Letter to the Editor: Carolyn Signorelli

Hwang — Compassion and caring

To the editor:

As a state employee working in the field of child protection for 25 years, I’ve seen firsthand how the adage “the more government does, the less it does well” rings true.

One outstanding example is that programs proven to prevent child abuse and neglect are insufficiently funded, partly because of the overwhelming expense of trying to manage its aftermath. As a result, more money is needed for programs to address the aftermath of abuse and neglect — increased rates of mental health and substance abuse issues and foster care payments.

Our state needs to turn that cycle around, but will only do so when we have a majority of caring leaders like our State Senator Tony Hwang, who are prepared to identify government’s top priorities and make tough choices.

Sen. Tony Hwang understands the importance of government focusing on its core priorities, including ensuring that our most at-risk and vulnerable are protected and that an effective safety net is available to our neediest citizens.

Sen. Hwang has fought for measures to improve school safety and ensure a productive educational environment for all our students. He increased the penalties to individuals who threaten our schools. He fought to restore educational funding to our school, despite proposed draconian cuts by Gov. Malloy.

Hwang has advocated for our seniors, disabled and veterans, by working tirelessly to maintain the Medicare Savings Program, support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and provide needed funding to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Tony Hwang has consistently served us as an independent voice for common sense governing and budgeting that adequately protects children and supports those in need while promoting a social, business and educational environment that enhances opportunities for all citizens. I am in full support of the re-election of Sen. Hwang.

Carolyn Signorelli

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