Letter: Tony Hwang Will Be a State Senator We Can Trust

By Jeff and Brenda Steele

We would like to express our support in electing Tony Hwang as our state senator.

When electing people to office we look at three important traits in any candidate: 1) an unwavering commitment to serve as a representative of the people; 2) an ability to be a thoughtful and effective legislator; and 3) possess great character.

We have known Tony and his family for over 12 years – as a neighbor, friend, and colleague – and we can say with confidence that he meets all three criteria.

As our current representative, Tony is fully committed to the job. He doesn’t stop working and is arguably the most visible public official in town. While some are critical in saying he’s only interested in the “photo op,” they’re missing the point that this exposure demonstrates how actively involved he is in our community.

His presence in our town’s daily life is what we should expect in our elected representatives. Tony has a passion for engaging with people and supporting local civic organizations, volunteers, charities, and contributors in our community. He effectively offers a platform to regularly acknowledge people in town who have achieved personal and professional successes and to promote new local businesses.

Tony is also an effective legislator. One important issue that demonstrates his level of engagement and action is his advocacy of rail commuters. When invited to a Metro-North Commuter Council meeting for the first time, Tony didn’t just show up and pay lip service to the group, but listened intently to the issues and engaged with the members, promising to push for many of the changes and improvements that the Council advocated.

Since then he has become one of the state’s strongest advocates in Hartford for better commuter rail service. He has not only called for much-needed improvements in conditions, service and safety, but has fought the governor’s shocking attempts to shut down the outspoken Council by authoring legislation, supported by both parties, to preserve the Council’s role as an independent advocate of our region’s commuters.

The third important trait that Tony possesses is his character. Tony upholds the highest standards of family values, morals and ethics and is an established leader and independent free thinker in the State Assembly — he is not beholden to anyone. Tony is a truly dedicated and involved father and devoted husband, who puts his family first. At the same time, he cares deeply about his community and the people who live in it. He takes time to get to know people, not just as a representative, but as a friend and a neighbor.

Tony is someone we respect and admire for all his personal and professional achievements and for his solid character traits. We trust him to be our state senator.

Jeff and Brenda Steele
Fairfield, CT

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