Letter: Tony Hwang’s Personal Touch Sets Him Apart

By Susan Pennino

I am writing this letter regarding a very personal issue, which I feel compelled to share.

A couple months ago I lost my neighbor, an elderly man, to cancer. I adored this individual and loved visiting him and bringing him home-cooked meals. Unfortunately, my neighbor had minimal family and his son was imprisoned for a crime he allegedly committed.

During the last months of my neighbor’s life, Tony Hwang was driving by our street and saw my children and me in the front yard. Tony stopped to say hi and I explained how I had just gotten back from a visit to my elderly neighbor, and was saddened by his life and wished I could help him in anyway. He said, “We have to try and help this man.”

Tony assured me he would get back to me. And he came through with his promise. A few days later Tony called me personally and informed me that he had arranged for my neighbor’s son to have a supervised visit with his dying father.

After receiving Tony’s call I thought to myself, “Wow, this is incredible.”

For those of you who don’t know Tony, I felt compelled to share. For those of you who do, you know what I mean. Tony is a man of integrity and commitment, and he genuinely cares.

Tony Hwang has my vote for State Senate. I hope he has yours, too.

Susan Pennino

Tony Hwang, at the 23-acre Nettleton Preserve in Newtown, Conn.
Tony Hwang, at the 23-acre Nettleton Preserve in Newtown, Conn.

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