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October 23rd, 2014 by

So is Tony Hwang!

CT is an expensive place to live and retire. High taxes, particularly property taxes, and high energy costs are a heavy burden on those living on a fixed income. Increasingly, people who have lived and loved CT their whole lives are forced to move to less expensive states.

  • Connecticut has the 3rd highest state and local tax burden in the nation (Tax Foundation)
  • Connecticut taxes social security, pension income, and estates (CGS Title 12)
  • Connecticut is ranked the nation’s worst place in which to retire (topretirements.com)

Tony Hwang has a proven record of advocacy for seniors, including eliminating caps on community-based services as an alternative to nursing home care, strengthened the Aging in Place initiative, voted against the highest tax increase in CT history, and provided safeguards to rising energy costs.

Tony Hwang will support legislation that will:

  • Control state spending, thereby reducing the tax burden on seniors
  • Invest in programs that allow and encourage seniors to stay in our state – addressing issues on housing, healthcare, energy costs and public safety
  • Eliminate income taxes on social security, private pensions


October 23rd, 2014 by
So is Tony Hwang! Connecticut has a reputation of being hostile to job creation.  High taxes, high costs, and a burdensome regulatory environment make Connecticut a tough place to do business.  Jobs are scarce, and businesses are closing. Co
October 23rd, 2014 by
So is Tony Hwang! From No Child Left Behind and the Common Core Curriculum Standards to the new Teacher Evaluation procedures, educational decisions are being made in Washington and Hartford, not where they belong – with our local teachers, parent