My wife and I moved to Newtown in 1993. We started a family here and through our kids have become immersed in all that is great about our town. In the 20-plus years I’ve lived here, I have never been moved to write a letter to the editor. Until now.

In less than a month we will have a choice in deciding who will lead our community in the seat of the 28th Senate District. Through my employment I have gotten to know one of the candidates, Tony Hwang.

The first time I met Tony we just happened to be parked in the same area after an event and struck up conversation. In passing I mentioned the agency I worked for. For the next 20 minutes Tony asked me about our programs, our needs and concerns and the current health of my organization. He took the time and listened to what I had to say about a social service agency that was not even in his district. He could have just as easily brushed me off and went about his business. In the years since, Tony has called and checked in on our agency and even visited and taken a tour.

Fast forwarding to today, the biggest issue facing our town and our state is the economy. His history as the State Representative of the 134th District has shown he is for fiscal constraint while supporting job creation and business growth. Mr. Hwang’s record shows he has been able to garner bi-partisian support, he has shown that he is a caring leader who takes the time to listen to the issues of the community and then move to action. That’s a rare quality today and all of Newtown would benefit from his leadership.

This November 4th please join me in voting for Tony Hwang as our State Senator of the 28th District.

Timothy Bartlett,