Are You Tired Of Empty Promises On Jobs?

So is Tony Hwang!

Connecticut has a reputation of being hostile to job creation.  High taxes, high costs, and a burdensome regulatory environment make Connecticut a tough place to do business.  Jobs are scarce, and businesses are closing.

  • Connecticut has the 5th worst business climate in America (CNBC)
  • Connecticut has the 3rd highest state and local tax burden in America (Tax Foundation)
  • In 2013, Connecticut had the worst economic performance in America (Bureau of Economic Analysis)

We need state government to empower businesses to grow the economy and create high-value jobs. Tony Hwang has a proven record of empowering an supporting our businesses, including most recently eliminating outdated regulations, investing in bioscience, and advancing manufacturing education.

Tony will support legislation that will:

  • Reduce and eliminate regulatory mandates and red tape on businesses
  • Control state spending, thereby reducing the tax burden on businesses and consumers
  • Invest in transportation infrastructure and education to prepare Connecticut residents for the jobs and businesses of tomorrow


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