Are You Tired of a Top-Down Approach to Education?

So is Tony Hwang!

From No Child Left Behind and the Common Core Curriculum Standards to the new Teacher Evaluation procedures, educational decisions are being made in Washington and Hartford, not where they belong – with our local teachers, parents, and administrators.

Without important input from these stakeholders:

  • Connecticut teachers have lost faith in the Malloy administration that has insulted and threatened their professional livelihoods
  • Connecticut’s implementation of Common Core has been a frustrating failure
  • The new teacher’s evaluation process has been criticized by teachers and administrators for its “one size fits all” approach

We need state government to listen to those who know best about education policy – teachers, parents and local administrators.

As a parent, Tony Hwang personally knows the importance of a quality education.

As a State Representative, Tony Hwang was recognized by a state education coalition with an Educational Leadership Award for his commitment to securing an excellent public school experience for all children.

Tony Hwang will support legislation that will:

  • Return decisions regarding education to local teachers, parents and administrators, ending the “one size fits all” mentality of Hartford bureaucrats
  • Modify the teacher evaluation process to make it more fair and equitable for Connecticut teachers
  • Ensure that curriculum standards are stringent, yet age appropriate

Paid for by Tony Hwang for CT, Richard J. Kopchyak, Treasurer. Approved by Tony Hwang.

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