Tony Hwang’s State Senate Campaign Gets Boost From Llodra, McKinney

Tony Hwang’s State Senate Campaign Gets Boost From Llodra, McKinney

With the clock rapidly winding down to Election Day, Tony Hwang’s state senate campaign secured two key endorsements this week.

Hwang, a Fairfield resident and six-year veteran of the legislature, received strong support from Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra and John McKinney, the eight-term state senator who gave up his seat when he unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for governor.

“Given the unique and unprecedented needs our community will have in the coming years, it is imperative our new senator is also someone with character and integrity, but perhaps most importantly, a proven leader with a record of building consensus. We need a state senator who will not only go to work for Newtown, but rally others to support us, too,” Llodra said. “I am convinced that person is Tony Hwang.


Reflecting on Llodra’s support and what it means to his campaign and him personally, Hwang said, “The grace and dignity of Pat Llodra’s leadership for Newtown has been remarkable and an inspiration to me. To have earned her support and trust to represent Newtown and help it move forward is an incredible honor and privilege.”

In endorsing Hwang to succeed McKinney, Llodra cited the veteran legislator’s record of accomplishments and his commitment to working in a bipartisan manner to address the critical issues facing the state.

In particular, Llodra said, Hwang earned her support because of his position on two issues that matter most to her as a voter: “new economic policies with strong leadership, and a safe society in which all persons can be confident that there are controls in place, that access to guns is defined in common-sense policy.”

In an op-ed published this week, McKinney wrote that Hwang is, without a doubt, the best person to serve as state Senator of the 28th District.

“While political partisanship has repeatedly reared its ugly head in Hartford and threatened to derail meaningful action on some of the most important issues facing our state, Tony has been a consistent and powerful force in building consensus,” McKinney said. “Time and time again, he has put public service above politics and demonstrated true character and integrity to get the job done for the people of Connecticut.”


“Tony is a man of character, willing to stand up, take on tough positions and not walk out on important votes. That’s integrity. That’s the kind of senator I’ve tried to be, and that’s the kind of senator Tony will be,” McKinney added.

“It’s the character and dedication of public servants like First Selectman Llodra and Senator McKinney, and what they have come to represent through their resiliency and incredible leadership under the most unimaginable of circumstances, that truly sets them apart,” Hwang said. “I’m humbled to have their support, and I look forward to working on their behalf as state Senator.”

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Read McKinney’s full endorsement on Tony Hwang’s web site.


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