50th Anniversary of Earth Day, Taking a Step Forward Toward a Better Environmental Future

Today, April 22, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and while our lives are
currently looking a lot different, the global slow down of vehicle traffic and factory operations has had a notable impact on the environment. World wide, people are hearing birds and insects instead of bustle and traffic during the day and seeing stars instead of clouded skies at night.
It is my hope that once this pandemic subsides, these major lifestyle shifts that mankind has adopted in the interim will inspire people, workplaces and governments to sustain practices to preserve the improvements we have “accidentally” made. It is absolutely incredible to see maps showing how much less nitrogen dioxide is in the atmosphere in just a few weeks of shutdown or social distancing.
In honor of Earth Day, I encourage you to take some time and appreciate the world around you. While dealing with changes to where you can go, who you can see and how you accomplish your work, notice the natural constants around you. Take solace and encouragement that the world is still turning, the sun comes up every day, new spring life is budding and growing. This part of CT is especially blessed with beachfront views of Long Island Sound, wooded walks through state forests, or even the hidden beauty in your own neighborhood or backyard.
The planet is on a path of repair, and there are things you can do every day to continue the
trend. Reduce your use of disposable products, decide that the additional trip out is not
necessary, choose to recycle or upcycle things in your home instead of throwing them away. Working together we can accomplish amazing things – protecting Mother Earth and getting through this health crisis are just a few examples of what we can focus on today. Future generations are counting on us to be responsible.

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