Sen. Hwang: GOP plan is about “keeping our promise to towns, to schools and to property taxpayers.”


Sen. Tony Hwang on Feb. 7 applauded the Connecticut Senate and House Republicans’ plan to reinstate nearly $20 million in education funding that was cut midyear to cities and towns throughout the state.

“This is about keeping our promise to towns, to schools and to Connecticut property taxpayers,” Sen. Hwang said.

The Republican proposal would allow the state to restore Education Cost Sharing funding that was cut by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration in December and also close the current budget deficit of $11.9 million as estimated by the Office of Fiscal Analysis. Small cuts spread across several state agencies would pay for the proposal. The plan would also draw funds from a reserve account used to fund state employee raises.

“Local leaders need to be able to plan for the future,” Sen. Hwang said. “The December cuts blindsided towns during the middle of the fiscal year. That was unfair. Our plan restores predictability for towns and emphasizes our commitment to make their education mission whole. We are committed to this fight in the future state budget as well.”
The plan can be viewed at .

Sen. Hwang can be reached at 800 842-1421 and at

Sen. Hwang ( represents Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport.

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Sen. Hwang, Rep. Kupchick: Residents Can Now Weigh In On Controversial “8-30g” Law

Public Comments Can Now Be Submitted for Feb. 16 Hearing

Housing Committee Co-Chair Sen. Tony Hwang and Ranking Member Rep. Brenda Kupchick today issued the following statement:

“Area residents can now tell state lawmakers what they think of the controversial affordable housing state law known as 8-30g.

“The CT General Statute section 8-30g law:

  • Has been used by developers to bypass local control and zoning regulations and environmental concerns.
  • Has caused controversial housing decisions throughout Connecticut after costly and inflammatory court litigation.
  • Has the potential to forever alter the unique and historical character of neighborhood architecture and communities.
    • “This year, we have an opportunity to:

      • Take a close look at this law and how it can be improved and adapted to meet changing community needs.
      • Receive input from local zoning officials, community leaders and residents from impacted neighborhoods.
      • Come to a solution which provides towns with much-needed control and flexibility while also achieving the goal of increasing our stock of workforce housing.

      “The Connecticut General Assembly’s Housing Committee will hold a public hearing on the 8-30g law on Thursday, Feb. 16 at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

      “You can email your comments about the law today to the Housing Committee at . The comment may be as brief as you like.

      “Make your voices heard in Hartford!

      “For more information on the law: . Feel free to call us with questions at 800 842-1421 (Co-Chair Sen. Hwang) and 800 842-1423 (Ranking Member Rep. Kupchick).”

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Tax Relief CT Seniors ?

Should Connecticut get rid of the state’s personal income tax on Social Security benefits?
I think so!
If you agree, here’s how you can join me in speaking out in favor of providing tax relief to seniors across Connecticut.

A hearing will be held this Tuesday on Bill No. 6987:
Those wishing to submit testimony in favor of the bill can do the following:

  1. Email your comment to:
  2. In the email’s subject line, put “Support Bill 6987” .
  3. Include your name and town.
  4. If you wish, copy me on the email at

Those who wish to testify in person may attend the hearing on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 10:00 A.M. in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.
Please contact me with any questions – thank you!

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