Are you committed to living in a safe community?

SO IS TONY HWANG! Tony Hwang knows that the foundation of a strong community is the safety of its residents. Tony understands that we need strong relationships between law enforcement and our residents to have a safe community. Tony has been a leader in enacting protections that ensure safe schools and neighborhoods. Protected our children […]

Tired of empty promises on Transportation?

SO IS TONY HWANG! It’s time to ensure efficiency & safety in our transportation sector. Tony Hwang has a real plan to get infrastructure investment and commuter services back on track. SUPPORTS infrastructure investments via the Prioritize Progress plan to invest nearly $70 Billion for new projects (View Plan) SUPPORTS an effective transportation lock-box that […]

Hwang on Fiscal Accountability & Social Responsibility

We can maintain a balance between fiscal accountability and social responsibility. Government has a moral responsibility to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk in our communities are protected and guided to self-empowerment. Commitment to Community Historic Autism Insurance Coverage (PA 13-84) Championed bipartisan legislation ensuring individuals with autism, who are currently covered by 2008 insurance legislation, […]

Seniors, are you worried about your future in Connecticut?

SO IS TONY HWANG! Connecticut is an expensive place to live and retire. High taxes and high energy costs are a heavy burden on those living on a fixed income. Increasingly, people who have lived and loved Connecticut their whole lives are forced to move. Tony Hwang wants to help. We need to make Connecticut […]