Endorsed by E. Patricia Llodra: A Strong And Persuasive Voice In Senator Hwang

A Strong And Persuasive Voice In Senator Hwang
I will be voting for Tony Hwang on Tuesday, November 6. Tony has served Newtown very well as senator for the 28th district since first elected to that role in 2014. He has become part of our community, unlike any previous state senator. Tony can be counted on to be present when needed and to be informed and effective in his advocacy. His voice in Hartford is strong and persuasive. Senator Hwang knows the issues and knows the pathways to move those issues to the most desirable outcome possible for Newtown and for the other communities in the 28th.
In this time of excessive political tribalism, I find it refreshing and positive that Tony is first and foremost guided by the wants and needs of our tribe of District 28 communities and not controlled by a political label. Senator Hwang is well-grounded in his role as a public servant. He has done well by us and should be returned to Hartford to continue that strong effort. We benefit from his commitment, his expertise, and his leadership tenure. Vote for Tony Hwang.
E. Patricia Llodra, Sandy Hook
Origianal Article: https://www.newtownbee.com/strong-and-persuasive-voice-senator-hwang/11022018

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