Letter to the Editor: Shannon Leary Knall

A Letter to the Editor of The Newtown Bee from Shannon Leary Knall:
I am the mother of three children, one of whom has autism. Autism does not discriminate. It affects all cultures, races, religions, genders, socio-economic groups, and political affiliations. I am a registered Democrat, but when I first met Senator Hwang in the gallery of the House of Representatives ten years ago, it didn’t matter which to which party I was affiliated. What mattered most to Tony was how he could help.
I have fought, and continue to fight, for legislation that supports those impacted by disabilities. On that day, Tony Hwang reached across party lines both literally and figuratively, offering me a bottle of lemonade and his undivided attention while wanting to gather as much information as he could about autism, the needs of my family, and the needs of our community.
Since then, I have worked with Tony on a number of other bills and programs related to autism. One, which became law, preserved insurance coverage for people with autism after the diagnostic criteria was revised. It passed unanimously and preserved insurance coverage for numerous Connecticut residents.
As a mother and as an advocate, I fight tirelessly alongside many. Tony has been a legislative champion for families like mine, also fighting tirelessly for what’s right and fair. I strongly support and encourage all to please vote to reelect Senator Tony Hwang.
Shannon Leary Knall
Read the article on the Newtown Bee: https://www.newtownbee.com/support-tony-hwang/09172018

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