Newtown Labor Day Parade – What it means to me

It was my great honor and pleasure to participate in the Newtown Labor Day Parade this year. Accompanied by my eager and excited volunteers, fellow elected officials, and members of our community, it was wonderful to see the residents of Newtown and others who came to take part in such a proud tradition.
Newtown Labor Day Parade is truly unique. The only one of its kind in the state, it gives us the chance to walk alongside and in support of the everyday working man and woman, so many of whom walked with and waved warm hellos to us on this hot September Day. The working men and women along with their families make this community and state truly remarkable, and we marched to show our respect to them.
From volunteer paramedics, firefighters, and police to our teachers and trades and office workers along with every working man and woman in between should be proud of what they do for their community, what they contribute to our economy and what they do for their loved ones and family.
Despite the multiple political campaigns on display this morning, including mine, today was about bipartisan support for the everyday nutmeggers who work long hours and difficult jobs.
As a legislator and a citizen, I would like to personally thank each and every one of them who do such a fantastic job keeping our state moving forward. Thanks to everyone who came out to support them and see all the great floats and performances, you truly made the day a special one.

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