Sen. Hwang on the Jan 6, 2021 Violence in Washington D.C.

CT State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) offers the following statement in reaction to the seditious violence in Washington D.C on the day the 2020 Election results are to be certified:


“Sadness, heartbreak and shock and steely resolve for me as an elected state official to denounce in the strongest terms, this attack on our country’s national capitol and the esprit de corp of democracy. There is no place in this world for the degree of violence and insurrection exhibited today in Washington, D.C. I am standing up loud and forcefully for democracy and all Americans who value peaceful, law abiding forms of activism and protest to say, ‘Enough and No More.’


“There is a very distinct difference between voicing one’s opinion against violent mob action – especially in a manner today that threatens people’s safety and undermines our political process. This is not a partisan issue. Every American deserves to express their freedom of speech and protest without putting themselves or other people’s health and safety at risk.  It is our responsibility as proud Americans to speak up now and boldly renounce this un-American behavior.”

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