Sen. Hwang, Rep. Kupchick: Residents Can Now Weigh In On Controversial “8-30g” Law

Public Comments Can Now Be Submitted for Feb. 16 Hearing

Housing Committee Co-Chair Sen. Tony Hwang and Ranking Member Rep. Brenda Kupchick today issued the following statement:

“Area residents can now tell state lawmakers what they think of the controversial affordable housing state law known as 8-30g.

“The CT General Statute section 8-30g law:

  • Has been used by developers to bypass local control and zoning regulations and environmental concerns.
  • Has caused controversial housing decisions throughout Connecticut after costly and inflammatory court litigation.
  • Has the potential to forever alter the unique and historical character of neighborhood architecture and communities.
    • “This year, we have an opportunity to:

      • Take a close look at this law and how it can be improved and adapted to meet changing community needs.
      • Receive input from local zoning officials, community leaders and residents from impacted neighborhoods.
      • Come to a solution which provides towns with much-needed control and flexibility while also achieving the goal of increasing our stock of workforce housing.

      “The Connecticut General Assembly’s Housing Committee will hold a public hearing on the 8-30g law on Thursday, Feb. 16 at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

      “You can email your comments about the law today to the Housing Committee at . The comment may be as brief as you like.

      “Make your voices heard in Hartford!

      “For more information on the law: . Feel free to call us with questions at 800 842-1421 (Co-Chair Sen. Hwang) and 800 842-1423 (Ranking Member Rep. Kupchick).”

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