Senator Tony Hwang Endorsement Statement of David Stemerman for Governor

Senator Tony Hwang Endorses David Stemerman for Governor
“David Stemerman brings an outsider’s common-sense approach to solving Connecticut’s most pressing issues.”
SOUTHPORT, CT – Republican State Senator Tony Hwang, representing the towns of Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport, issued his endorsement of Republican Gubernatorial candidate David Stemerman, a self-made businessman and political outsider, at Spic & Span Market in his district:
David Stemerman has the judgement, vision and leadership abilities to restore the promise of Connecticut,” Senator Tony Hwang announced “David is the only candidate with a real plan to fund our transportation infrastructure without tolls and reduce the size and cost of state government, while creating a business environment that fosters job creation and growth.”

David brings an outsider’s common-sense approach to solving Connecticut’s most pressing issues, such as restructuring our unfunded pensions, reducing the tax burden on working families, and creating an educational system that will equip our children for the jobs of the future,” Hwang continued. “David believes as I do that fiscal accountability needs to be balanced with a sense of social responsibility.”

David Stemerman reacted to the endorsement from Senator Hwang: “I am thrilled to have the support of Senator Hwang, who is a key voice in Hartford and a legislator who embodies the words ‘Good Government’. His word carries weight in his district and beyond, and Tony’s endorsement will make the difference for many voters in Fairfield county come Tuesday.”
Senator Hwang concluded: “Now more than ever, we need leaders who know how to bring people together to deliver on the promises we have made to the next generation. That is why I am endorsing David Stemerman in the August 14th Republican gubernatorial primary.”
BACKGROUND: David and his wife have been proud to raise their five children in Connecticut where he started his own business, Conatus Capital, ten years ago, and built it from a single desk to a multi-billion dollar business. He understands what causes businesses to succeed and fail, what works and what doesn’t. And most importantly, he knows what it takes to grow jobs and wages, and has a track record of delivering results. 
Stemerman has gone to the Capital to lay out an ambitious agenda to eliminate conflicts of interest that have rigged our elections and legislative process, and to give control of government back to the people. He has been endorsed as the best of the five candidates by the Hartford Courant, whose editorial board stated: “David Stemerman holds to Republican principles while offering a clear, realistic and workable vision for the future.” Stemerman has also been recognized by the Courant as “alone among the candidates” – of either party – to lay out specific and credible plans to save Connecticut from a looming financial crisis. Stemerman’s plans will build on Connecticut’s former strengths to turn around the moving vans and grow our economy for families and job-creators.  
He is also the only candidate in either party to provide a detailed plan to cut taxes for all residents and employers to make our state affordable and competitive so we can keep and attract jobs and families.  Stemerman proposes cutting taxes by $3 billion a year, including reducing the state’s seven income tax brackets to three at 0%/4%/5%, eliminating the death, gift and entity taxes and cutting the corporate tax rate to 5%.  His plan pays for these tax cuts by cost savings and eliminating special deals and exemptions in the tax code.
Other candidates offer vague promises to balance the budget, cut taxes and spending and grow jobs.  Only Stemerman proposes a credible plan that will deliver results for the people of Connecticut.
Paid by David Stemerman for Governor Inc., Henry Schaffer, Treasurer. Approved by David Stemerman

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