Letter to the Editor: Jimmy Izzo

A Letter to the Editor of The Newtown Bee from Jimmy Izzo:
Last June was a bittersweet day for myself when we decided to close down our family business after 27 years. I can point to many variables of what caused us to close Crossroads Hardware: the Amazon/Home Depot effect, higher costs and changing lifestyle habits. If you don’t think the policies taxes and stifling regulations from Hartford have helped destroy small businesses like ours, and others throughout the state, you either are in denial or misinformed.
We closed our business, but something happened that I never expected was the tremendous outpouring of love, support and affection from our community. What I felt as a personal failure, was replaced by a thank you for being an integral part of the community. Crossroads was more than just a store. It was a place where people were treated as more than just a transaction. We created relationships, and those relationships blossomed into lifetime customers and friends.
We believed in and were true to our core values, and so does Sen. Tony Hwang.
Tony Hwang believes in those same values of commitment to community. Tony has fought for us against Gov. Malloy’s policy over the last eight years of extending unsustainable union contracts, higher taxes, and cuts to education and social services.
I know just by the outpouring of support for my family and our store from our community, that having small family businesses and meaningful relationships does matter to people. They do care about being a part of a community. To get some of this back, we need people like Tony Hwang back in Hartford with people who share a similar vision of community and growth rather then the “tax and spend” government we’ve had in Hartford. Please join me in voting for Tony Hwang.
Jimmy Izzo
Read the letter on Westport News: https://www.westport-news.com/news/article/Letters-to-the-Editor-We-can-all-have-our-own-13284909.php

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