There’s only one candidate running for the 28th Senate District who has earned our trust, and who deserves our support on Election Day. And that is Tony Hwang. For the past six years, Tony has been an effective leader and a visible force for positivity and betterment for his community. Tony has worked alongside our outgoing state Senator, John McKinney, who has been an excellent representative for Weston over the past 16 years. John has endorsed Tony to be our next state Senator, and I’m proud to do the same. Tony is a family man who knows the importance of a top-notch education system, and who understands that our children are our greatest asset and that we must ensure they have the skills to succeed. His passionate advocacy and demonstrated accomplishments for the environment is evident by his endorsement by the CT League of Conservation Voters. We need real leaders in the state senate, the kind who are going to get things done and take bold action to create jobs and fix our economy. We need leaders who understand the importance of our transportation infrastructure to a healthy economy. We need leaders who will fight for educational excellence. We need Tony Hwang. Tony’s not your typical politician. He’s the real deal. And he gets real results. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Tony Hwang to be our next state senator.

Dear Editor – As a longtime Fairfield resident, I would like to first state that I fully support Tony Hwang’s run for State Senate. He has proven to not only be an affable, warm individual, but truly someone who cares about his constituents and our town. Personally I have seen him advocate for residents and provide constant communication during Hurricane Sandy, when many Lake Hills residents were receiving no updates from town government or UI. He took the time to not only email residents and check in to see how they were doing, but call UI and demand action. He walked our streets to see if everyone was OK. I am not a registered Republican – and I was very impressed to see a government official actually working toward an immediate solution to a serious issue. Last year, he coordinated a very informative update on the Affordable Healthcare Act. Again, thinking it might be one sided toward the Republican viewpoint, I attended and listened cautiously. What I found refreshing was that ALL viewpoints were espoused – the pros and cons of the new AHA. There were Democrats and Republicans there – and the forum had incredible information that was meaningful to Tony’s constituents. Now, I want to address why I am writing this letter…because we can all write letters supporting candidates. I am writing, because not only do I think Tony means what he says and shows up at events because he genuinely cares, but because I hate bullies. Never in my recent memory, I have I witnessed such despicable behavior in politics in this town. The people bullying Tony seem to be deriving some pleasure out of it. We don’t tolerate bullies at schools and social media, why would we allow and tolerate bullies in politics? Several of the candidates running on the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee ticket along with its executive board leadership, seem to think this is the way to promote a candidate. It is not. Tony is human and a quality and sincerely caring person. I dare the DTC to take a hard look at itself, and the way it is handling this election season. It is a huge turnoff and disappointing. I urge you to vote for Tony Hwang on Election Day for State Senate. Tony is running a positive campaign based on accomplishments and vision, he truly cares about his constituents and making their lives better in Fairfield, and like me, opposes bullies and its devastating impact. Tony is real and we need him to be our state senator. Vote against negative bullying campaign tactics and join me in voting for integrity and character – vote for Tony Hwang. My wife and I moved to Newtown in 1993. We started a family here and through our kids have become immersed in all that is great about our town. In the 20-plus years I’ve lived here, I have never been moved to write a letter to the editor. Until now. In less than a month we will have a choice in deciding who will lead our community in the seat of the 28th Senate District. Through my employment I have gotten to know one of the candidates, Tony Hwang. The first time I met Tony we just happened to be parked in the same area after an event and struck up conversation. In passing I mentioned the agency I worked for. For the next 20 minutes Tony asked me about our programs, our needs and concerns and the current health of my organization. He took the time and listened to what I had to say about a social service agency that was not even in his district. He could have just as easily brushed me off and went about his business. In the years since, Tony has called and checked in on our agency and even visited and taken a tour. Fast forwarding to today, the biggest issue facing our town and our state is the economy. His history as the State Representative of the 134th District has shown he is for fiscal constraint while supporting job creation and business growth. Mr. Hwang’s record shows he has been able to garner bi-partisian support, he has shown that he is a caring leader who takes the time to listen to the issues of the community and then move to action. That’s a rare quality today and all of Newtown would benefit from his leadership. This November 4th please join me in voting for Tony Hwang as our State Senator of the 28th District.

I have served with State Rep. Tony Hwang since 2009 in the CT General Assembly. In these past five plus years, I have witnessed a tireless public service champion in action. Whether advocating on behalf of his constituents, working on legislation to protect consumers and offer choice and transparency when buying food, or contributing to policy debates in committees and on the floor of the House of Representatives, Tony has displayed an indefatigable spirit and a relentless ‘can do’ attitude. Tony is what we want from our public servant – someone who sincerely cares and will fight for the people he represents. The people of the 134th District have been well served by him, and they have rewarded him with overwhelming support - I am confident that the good citizens of the 28th State Senate District will be represented in the same fashion. Please join me in supporting my good friend, Tony Hwang, as he embarks on his campaign to represent the 28th State Senatorial District at the State Capitol in Hartford".