Tony Hwang response on Complaint regarding use of Non-Profit Organizations images

“I strongly believe in the powerful message and personally inspiring values of Ben’s Bells and Hate Has No Home Here. I aspire to practice and spread the powerful message of “Being Kind” and “Hate Has No Home Here”. I have been an advocate in past years in promoting and sharing the messages & values of both organizations and will continue to champion their cause into the future.”
“Unfortunately, it has been brought to my attention that some people have objected to the use of logo images on my campaign material; I have been in contact with both organizations leadership. I am truly sorry if it created hardship and unkind attention for those organizations, it was not intentional. It was certainly not my intention to misuse their message for my own gain, but rather to use my platform to help spread their message. I simply wanted to share my common values with those organizations. I have respectfully agreed to no longer use their logo in any future campaign material.
“In my positive and affirming exchanges with both organizations, I reiterated my continuous support of their mission and more importantly, practice of their aspirational message. I hope this exchange will raise awareness to visit their websites and inspire, educate and motivate people to contribute toward being a kinder and more positive difference in our communities.”

Ben’s Bells –
The mission of Ben’s Bells is to inspire, educate, and motivate people to realize the impact of intentional kindness, and to empower individuals to act according to that awareness, thereby strengthening ourselves, our relationships and our communities.
Hate has No Home Here –
Hate, unchecked, can make neighbors feel fearful and unwelcome in their own communities. The Hate Has No Home Here project reminds us what it means to be American.

Email Response from HHNHH

Hi Tony –
Thanks again for the conversation today and for the kind sentiments you expressed about our project. We’re relieved and pleased to know that our message is being received and shared so widely across our country (and in a few other countries!). You’ll find copied here the message that’s just been posted to our FB site, and will be uploaded to our website at In the meantime, please be assured that we will continue to respond to inquiries about the relationship between our project and your campaign in the positive light we both intend, which is support for the sentiment, and for improved public discourse.
Best regards –
Carmen for the
Hate Has No Home Here Team

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