CT AARP Honors Sen. Hwang for Legislative Work on Behalf of Caregivers

State Senator Tony Hwang accepts the AARP Family Caregiver Award at the CT State Capitol. Hartford CT July 20, 2016.

Sen. Tony Hwang (center) on July 20 was honored by the Connecticut AARP for his efforts to provide support to individuals who care for a loved one at home.

The Connecticut AARP presented Sen. Hwang with its Legislative Award for his work in passing the Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act.
A co-sponsor of the legislation, Sen. Hwang said the new law supports caregivers “by ensuring that these unsung heroes have the information they need to provide the best possible care to their loved ones.”

The law requires hospitals to:

1) provide each patient with the opportunity to designate a caregiver upon the patient’s admission to the hospital;

2) notify the designated caregiver if the patient is to be discharged to another facility or back to his or her home, and;

3) provide the caregiver with instructions on how to perform medication management, wound care, injections or other medical tasks for the patient when the patient returns home.

“We thank Sen. Hwang for his longtime support of AARP, specifically in the area of family caregiving,” AARPCT Advocacy Director John Erlingheuser said. “This is groundbreaking legislation, and Sen. Hwang was a main force behind its passage.”

“Our shared goal continues to be to make sure that Connecticut’s more than 700,000 family caregivers receive the support and recognition they deserve,” Sen. Hwang said. “I want to acknowledge caregivers and volunteers, who lovingly work to improve the lives of seniors and their families. This recognition is humbling and very much appreciated and it also recognizes the unsung efforts of caregivers throughout our community.”

Sen. Hwang represents Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport.

On the web: www.SenatorHwang.com and www.facebook.com/AARPCT .

Attached photo: AARPCT Volunteer and Easton resident Bryce Rathbone, Sen. Tony Hwang, and AARPCT Advocacy Director John Erlingheuser.

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