Solutions by Collaboration

As we adapt to a new “normal” from the Covid-19 pandemic and the tumultuous social upheaval of recent Supreme Court rulings, we will need collaborative, experienced and trusted leaders with proven ability and accomplishments that can lead during these difficult and challenging times.

Affordability and inflationary costs affect all of us and while it casts a large shadow, it is not the only issue confronting our state and country. We need to address public safety, bodily choice, physical & mental health, social & racial equity and due process under our constitutional rights and freedoms.

I will always advocate for policies that are transparent, sustainable and in the best interest of all residents. I have demonstrated my legislative independence with thoughtful legislative votes.

We, as a community and individuals, need to engage and learn from each other. Not by defined stereotypes and categorization, but by interacting and listening to each person and celebrating the unique individuals that we are. We can only make these urgent and fundamental changes by healing, learning and trusting together. Nobody is perfect, but we can all work to be better everyday.

I am committed to solutions. The best way to move our state forward is by working together to find common ground and legislate sensible and sustainable public policies.

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