Senator Hwang, Fairfield Police Work to Improve Pedestrian Safety in Fairfield’s Stratfield Neighborhood

FAIRFIELD – Last year, following a national trend, the state DOT installed a new crosswalk signal at the corner of Stratfield Road and Fairfield Woods Road in Fairfield. The intersection is in the vicinity of Stratfield Elementary School and the Goddard School of Fairfield. This change came with a new traffic light pattern at the intersection creating a dangerous scenario: cars were given a green light to turn left while pedestrians had the walk sign. Fairfield residents began to complain that as children were crossing Stratfield Road with a clear walk sign, oncoming cars were turning left from Fairfield Woods Road, disregarding the pedestrians.


Once made aware of this hazardous situation, a coalition of Fairfield Police Sgt Michael Komm, Fairfield Senator Tony Hwang, and concerned residents approached the CT DOT and Fairfield Town Engineering to request a solution. They asked the state and local agencies to provide exclusive pedestrian phasing at the intersection, giving pedestrians protection with red lights from all four directions while pedestrians have the walk sign.

Following a prompt review of evidence submitted by these interested parties, including videos from residents and studies by the Fairfield Engineering Department, Connecticut DOT acted swiftly to revise the traffic control signal, providing exclusive pedestrian phasing, and ensuring pedestrian safety.

“I thank the CT Department of Transportation and Fairfield Town Engineering Department for listening to our law enforcement, traffic, and pedestrian safety concerns and promptly acting decisively in this situation. Pedestrian safety, particularly at school crossing and high-volume traffic locations is of the utmost importance to our town and neighborhoods. Our children, parents, and caregivers especially must feel safe when crossing intersections by foot or bike on the way to and from school. This is a safety win for the residents of Fairfield and the Stratfield neighborhood.” Said Senator Tony Hwang.

In recent years, pedestrian safety has been a major concern for the state of Connecticut and Fairfield. In 2022, Connecticut was among the 22 states where pedestrian fatalities increased, to a devastating 62 fatalities. Across the country, since 2010, the number of people killed by cars while on foot has spiked by 77%, while other traffic-related deaths have risen slower, at around 25%. These are preventable incidents that can be further reduced by intuitive traffic and walk signal designs to prevent dangerous situations as seen in the Stratfield case.

“The Fairfield Police Department recognizes the proactive engagement of residents and parents in raising concerns about safety at the Stratfield Center intersection. Partnering with the Fairfield Engineering Department, Connecticut DOT, and Senator Hwang’s office, we were able to swiftly address these concerns and implement necessary changes to enhance safety. This is another example of how we prioritize the well-being of our community, fostering collaboration to ensure effective traffic management and pedestrian safety.” Remarked Fairfield Police Department’s Public Information Officer Michael Stahl.

As the ranking leader of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, Senator Hwang is familiar with and worked toward the goal of Vision Zero, which commits to using all available tools to eliminate conditions and behaviors that lead to serious injuries and death on our roadways. Sen Hwang, as a committee leader, worked to adopt more pedestrian-friendly policies suggested by the Vision Zero Council which brings together stakeholders to introduce policies to prevent roadway deaths and serious injuries. Last session, Sen. Hwang co-introduced House Bill 5917, bipartisan Vision Zero traffic safety legislation that was passed and signed into state law (Public Act 23-116).

“This traffic light safety correction is a reminder that in order to ensure pedestrian protection, we must actively and consistently monitor our intersections and roadways for ways safety can be improved. I look forward to working with Fairfield’s engineering department and traffic enforcement to ensure there are no dangerous walk-sign scenarios at any other intersections in Fairfield.” Senator Hwang stated.

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