State Legislative Leaders Join Fairfield Police Department for Distracted Driving Enforcement and Awareness Program

Fairfield, CT – April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. As the ranking leader of the state’s Transportation Committee, Senator Hwang joined Fairfield Police Department and other community leaders to raise awareness of the dangerous realities posed by distracted driving, and increased enforcement being conducted statewide. The coalition of Senator Hwang, Fairfield Police Chief Robert Kalamaras, Fairfield Police Sergeant Michael Stahl, AAA Northeast’s Adelle Zocher, State Police Sergeant Christine Jeltema, Fairfield Representatives Keitt, McCarthy-Vahey, and Leeper, and David Becker from the Town of Fairfield provided details of efforts being conducted at the local, state and national level to curb and enforce distracted driving laws, and encouraged awareness and education to maintain full focus while driving on the road.

3,000 people lose their lives each year in this country due to distracted driving, and hundreds of thousands become seriously injured. A car traveling at 55 miles per hour can travel the length of a football field in less than five seconds, the time it takes to look down, write a text, and hit send. Driving while texting is six times more dangerous than drunk driving. Each community leader stressed the importance of awareness, education, and prevention of distracted driving.

“During the month of April, law enforcement across the state will be actively seeking out drivers who choose to violate our state’s handheld mobile electronic laws while driving. The dangers of texting and driving cannot be overstated.” Said Fairfield Police Sergeant Michael Stahl.

“We have made significant strides in enforcing distracted driving laws. This surge underscores our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of our community and our roadways.” Fairfield Police Chief Robert Kalamaras Stated.

“The data is compelling. These preventable tragedies can be avoided if awareness is increased surrounding the devastating effects of this bad habit. Many of us are guilty of it at one time or another in a world where the average person is pulled in multiple directions, balancing work, social, and family lives. But we are here to raise awareness of the irrevocable consequences that can result from distracted-driving-related accidents and fatalities.” Remarked Senator Tony Hwang.

“We’re coming together to confront a growing threat on our roads, distracted driving. This issue has touched our community’s lives deeply, especially with the fatalities seen in the last few years. They serve as a stark reminder of the stakes that are at play here.” Said Fairfield’s Deputy Emergency Management Director David Becker.

“AAA Northeast echoes the comments of these wonderful partners in traffic safety. We remain committed to the prevention and awareness of distracted driving behaviors.” Said AAA Northeast Public Affairs Specialist Adelle Zocher.

“Education is a key factor in ensuring we continue to stay safe on our roadways. Distracted driving is a significant contributor to fatalities on our roadways. As a parent, I encourage others to sit down with their teenage children and have a discussion around the dangers of distracted driving.” Said CT State Police Sergeant Christine Jeltema.

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