Senator Hwang Statement in Celebration of Passover

Senator Tony Hwang issued the following statement today in celebration of Passover and denouncing recent college campus protests and the possible intimidation of Jewish students in Connecticut.

“As Passover commences, let us take a moment to remember and reflect on the history of sacrifice, suffering, and the courage that led the journey of exodus from enslavement and religious freedom.

Let us stand in solidarity with the Jewish community worldwide, celebrating their rich traditions and enduring spirit. May this Passover be a time of reflection, resilience, and renewed unity against violence, bigotry, and discrimination.

During this sacred time, let us reaffirm our commitment to supporting Jewish individuals, ensuring their safety and dignity are upheld. Recent disruptive protests and possible intimidation of Jewish and other students in Connecticut are reprehensible and intolerable.

Our institutions of learning must protect ALL students from threats and intimidation to ensure a fully engaged academic environment balanced with a moral compass to support the respect of each student and protect against dangerous acts of hatred, discrimination, and learning disruption.”

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