Senator Tony Hwang Thanks Voters: Pledges to Work Collaboratively for a Better CT

Sen. Tony Hwang today issued the following statement:

I am grateful to the voters of the 28th Senate District for their trust and confidence to re-elect me as their state senator. I love our state and will strive to work to represent all the people in Fairfield, Easton, Newtown and Bethel.

I will work to reduce property taxes and personal taxes.  I will battle unsustainable inflation costs that undermine Connecticut residents’ ability to live and thrive in our state.  Connecticut is not affordable right now, and we need to do better.

I will ensure protection of everyone’s right to bodily choice and autonomy, especially a woman’s right to choose reproductive decisions. I will continue working to improve access to affordable physical and mental health supportive services.

The divisive and negative tone of political partisanship is toxic and damaging to our democracy.  I am proud that our campaign focused on solutions to help lift and support our community and residents. We stayed positive, touting our experience and accomplishments, unlike the unrelenting negative, misleading, and possibly slanderous campaign rhetoric that filled our mailboxes, emails, phones, and television ads.  For us to win despite the onslaught of such negativity is a testament to the voters of the 28th District. They rose above that toxic negativity.

We need to heal, as a community and individuals. We need to engage with and learn from each other. How do we do this? We do this not by division, but through interaction.  We do this by celebrating the unique individuals that we all are. We can only make these urgent and fundamental changes by learning and trusting together. Nobody is perfect, but we can all work to be better every day.

I will continue to strive to be a collaborative and trusted public servant, using my experience to lead during these difficult and challenging times.

I am excited to begin the process right away to make a positive difference in our communities. Thank you again to the voters of the 28th Senate District for allowing me to continue representing and working for you!

State Senator Tony Hwang
CT General Assembly
28th State Senate District

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