Common Grace, Forgiveness & Kindness

There once was a time in America, quite recently, when civility and acceptance was commonplace and empathy for the suffering was sympathetically expressed.  Now, we have far too many people who outwardly disdain and distrust others for no justifiable reason other than they are different in some way.  The current political and social atmosphere is […]


Tony Hwang is a State Senator like no other. I can say without a doubt that if every politician were like Tony Hwang, we would have trust in our leaders and believe that our government can produce results while representing the best interests of all of us. A true statesman in every way. Uniquely, Tony […]

Sen. Hwang Thanks Front Line Helpers

Fairfield, CT – A personal thanks to front line helpers from CT Sen. Tony Hwang… “We are all facing major changes to our daily lives as we adapt to a new reality during this unprecedented health crisis. It’s a challenging time fraught with fear and uncertainty. But in the words of Mister Rogers, “You will […]