The Honorable Daniel F. Caruso

The Honorable Daniel F. Caruso

Fairfield Sen. Tony Hwang issued the following statement on the passing of Daniel F. Caruso, Fairfield’s longtime probate judge:

“Judge Caruso was a man of deep faith, a devoted public servant and a friend to many.  To me, he was a mentor and a role model.  He dedicated himself to improving the lives of Fairfield residents and the lives of people across Connecticut.  His sudden loss is heartbreaking, and we join together in sending our condolences to his family.  I know Judge Caruso’s legacy will live on as we remember his commitment to community, his kindness, and his tireless efforts to help others.”

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State Senator Tony Hwang (R-Fairfield) was one of the driving forces behind the new tougher laws.

He explained that while it’s difficult to count or even estimate the cost to cities for extra police protection out front of the schools and extra detectives to handle the investigations, it is equally hard to measure the psychological cost it takes on the school system.

“It has such dramatic and traumatic effect on our kids, on our teachers, and our parents who send their loved ones…With a rash of recent threats, I think we are far too easy in the application of this law,” Sen. Hwang said.

Gov. Malloy has proposed more tax hikes.

Lots and lots of them.


They can be found in his Senate Bill #10.

Malloy is proposing:

  1. A new tax on nonprescription drugs and medicines.
  2. A new CT Tire Tax. $3 per tire.
  3. A new tax on low-income working families and elderly individuals by eliminating the $200 property tax credit
  4. A gas tax hike.
  5. A 25-cent deposit fee on wine and liquor bottles. Fruit, tea, sports, and energy drinks would also be subject to the redemption fee.
  6. A penalty on job creators by maintaining a “temporary” surcharge on the corporation tax that was due to expire June 30.
  7. A hike in the hotel tax.
  8. A hike in the tax on real estate conveyances.
  9. The elimination of the $500 credit on the income tax for recent college graduates who earn a degree in a science, technology, engineering, or math field.

This is all on top of the 2 record-setting, job-killing tax hikes Malloy has already approved as governor.

Higher taxes are NOT the answer.

New taxes are NOT the answer.

A public hearing will be held on Friday to allow fed up taxpayers to speak out against those tax hikes.

  • Send a brief email today to saying “NO” to Senate Bill #10
  • Reference “Senate Bill 10” in the subject line
  • Include your name and town
  • Copy me at
  • Attend the hearing on Friday, March 2 at 12:00 p.m. in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building.
  • Share this information with fed up taxpayers who will say “Not Again” to Senate Bill #10.

The bill can be read here:



(Listen and Share) Here’s the latest on the looming battle between MGM and the tribal-owned casinos over casinos on non-sovereign land. (

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Sen. Hwang on Malloy’s Massive Fairfield State Aid Cut: “Tell him he’s wrong to try to punish Fairfield.”
Sen. Tony Hwang (R-Fairfield) said he will “work tirelessly and with Democrats and Republicans” to “restore Gov. Malloy’s reckless, thoughtless budget cuts” to Fairfield.

Sen. Hwang added, “We’ve been in this position before. Gov. Malloy is reaching back into his predictable playbook to ‘zero out’ Fairfield. This is an attack, make no mistake about it. Malloy, now a lame duck, tried that before, and we, the taxpayers, rose up to block him. We’ll do so again, but it will take calls and emails from Fairfield parents, students, teachers, community leaders and the business community to make it happen. Email Call him at 860-566-4840. Do it today.  Do it repeatedly. Tell him Sen. Hwang urged you to call him. Tell him he’s wrong to try to punish Fairfield. Copy me on your emails at We need to be relentless in our defense of Fairfield. Get active today and stay vocal. We can win this fight.”

Senate Republican Assistant Majority Leader Tony Hwang (R-28th District) released the following statement regarding Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s budget proposal:

“The assortment of burdensome and job-killing tax hikes that Gov. Malloy announced today should stir every taxpayer to action. Don’t want tolls every mile?  Speak out. Don’t want new taxes on medicine? Speak out. Don’t want higher gas and property taxes?  Speak out. Send a brief note to me  Include your name and town.  I will get your message to the governor.”

“I will work with Republicans and any willing Democrats to protect taxpayers from being gouged yet again by this outgoing governor.  We need to be honest and transparent in our budgetary process and everything in state government needs to be re-assessed, and that includes the state employees’ labor agreement. We don’t have a revenue problem in this state.  We have a government spending problem. The solution is not seeking out more revenue from taxpayers’ wallets.  We need to re-prioritize and respect how every single taxpayer dollar is spent. We need to craft our budgets just like families craft household budgets.

“Hurting vulnerable and at-risk residents and cutting education and municipal funding while maintaining an unsustainable and inefficient government bureaucracy is unacceptable.  Levying higher taxes and having the most tolls and onerous gas tax in the nation without a disciplined approach to re-inventing government is not the way forward.  If you agree, then light up the governor’s email at to tell him how much you disagree with his vision for Connecticut.  And cc me at Let’s fight this fight together.  If we all get active, we will win this fight and send a clear message to the governor.  Please urge friends, neighbors and co-workers to get vocal as well – the governor needs to hear from all of us.”

Sen. Hwang said Gov. Malloy’s budget includes the following changes of concern to Connecticut residents:


•        Does not restore funding for the Medicare Savings Program

•        Makes cuts to municipal aid

•        Rejects the new Education Cost Sharing formula that fairly distributed funding for the first time in decades to schools based on need, population, poverty and other factors

•        Penalizes job creators with tax increases, at the same time the national effort is focused on reducing burdens on job creators in other parts of the country

•        Puts a new tax on nonprescription drugs

•        Puts a new tax on low income working families and elderly individuals by eliminating the $200 property tax credit

•        Increases taxes on retirees by eliminating newly passed tax breaks on social security and pension income

•        Hurts the housing market by increasing real estate conveyance tax

•        Puts a new tax on tires

•        An increase to one of the highest gas taxes in the country

•        Tolls with no understanding or details of locations or their cost to Connecticut residents

•        Increases the hotel tax


*Sen. Hwang represents Easton, Fairfield, Newtown, Weston and Westport .


On the web:  He can be reached at and at 800-842-1421.