Tony Hwang is a State Senator like no other. I can say without a doubt that if every politician were like Tony Hwang, we would have trust in our leaders and believe that our government can produce results while representing the best interests of all of us. A true statesman in every way.

Uniquely, Tony acts for the common good, regardless of the political consequences. He is an attentive listener, focused and sensitive to the needs of his constituents. He is incredibly responsive and delivers results. Make no mistake, he is a passionate leader who fights for the people he represents.

I am not sure how Tony finds the time to cover so much ground, forms relationships with so many people, and remains so thoroughly versed on intricate legislative issues.

I know he has called constituents and non-constituents alike to ask if he can check up on their home-bound family members for them during storms and power outages, just because he knew he’d be in the area – who else would do that?

I would cross party lines to vote for Tony Hwang. His unmatched service to each and every resident is invaluable; his upbeat demeanor and tireless attention to issues that affect all Connecticut residents is more than just commendable, it is also a great comfort in today’s tumultuous political environment. A vote for Tony Hwang is one of the best things you as a voter could do for yourself, your family, your neighborhood and our State.

Sal Gilbertie
Easton, Connecticut

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