Are You Tired of a Top-Down Approach to Education?


Unpredictable education budget cuts are a serious detriment to our schools, Connecticut’s failure to protect education funding is disappointing. We need an education system that is student-first.
Education Decisions are being made in Washington DC and Hartford, not where they belong – with our local teachers, parents, and administrators.
Tony Hwang knows that education is the first step in a great community and is committed to every child getting a great education experience.
As a parent, Tony Hwang understands the importance and impact of a quality education, “We need state government to listen to those who know best about education policy – teachers, parents, and local administrators.”

  • Empower local teachers, parents and administrators
  • End the “one size fits all” mentality of Hartford and Washington bureaucrats
  • Increase safety for students and teachers in our classrooms
  • Ensure that curriculum standards are both stringent and age appropriate

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  1. I am a teacher in central Connecticut and I agree that the Malloy administration has greatly damaged the teaching and educational practices in Connecticut. I am also a registered democrat but I like what I see here about Tony Hwang’s views. I would definitely vote for him to represent teachers and students in our state.

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